Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Domino Review!

Check out what 365mag.com has to say about the new Star69 Release, "Not Sure about Logic Anymore"

NOT SURE ABOUT LOGIC ANYMORE - 365Mag International Music Magazine


Label :Star 69 Records
Rating:9.0 out of 10.0
Released:Out Now

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"Italian-based producers Domino bring a taste of their intriguing Italian sound to U.S. based Star 69 Records in their latest release "Not Sure About Logic Anymore". The focus of the release is a haunting vocal by Dino Lenny (reminiscent of classic Loco Dice) surrounded by a series of powerful underground beats and melodic percussion loops that would damage any late night dance-floor. On the remix side, Charlie Solana's "Tech'd Out Remix" is a heavy stunner that adds a driving riff and takes it down an even darker notch than the original. Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robbins also come strong and manage to add a mix that dramatizes the vocals more than any other mix. Nikos Maridikis also adds his minimal-tech touch to complete the package. I give this package a 9 overall for the great remix package and the unique sound."

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Release! Domino- Not Sure about Logic Anymore

Check out the the brand new release on Star 69/Duplex by DOMINO entitled

"Not Sure about Logic Anymore".

A Big Underground limited release package just in time for your dark winter sets featuring the vocals of DINO LENNY (Meck feat Dino "So Strong") and remixes from Charlie Solana, Nikos Maridakis, and Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robbins.

Agent Greg: “dirty stuff, seems cool, ill test it out!!”

David Vendetta: “Very good track, the original is my preferred version”Bryan Galvan: Dino does it again with this techno number.The original is working for me best, will support on radio show and gigs.

Belocca- Love Zoltan Kontes Rmx

Anthony Attalla- Kontes & Robbins Mix is insane good so is charlie solana remix

Anderson Noise- Great

David Vendetta- Very good track- the original is my preferred version

Anil Chawla- Nikos Maridakis mix is nice
Tony Tee- Truly a DJ record
Edgar V- Nikos and Zoltan remixes are good

DOMINO- Not Sure About Logic Anymore
Release Date: Jan 22nd 2010

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